Picture Frames on a Budget.

December 8, 2009

I love “Smile For the Birdie” picture frames. I have about seven of them in my room. However, they cost a pretty penny. A very, very, pretty penny.

Smile For the Birdie frames can run you anywhere from $34 – $88 dollars A PIECE.

I decided to take on a little project for myself. I bought two of those plain wooden frames that you find in the kids arts and crafts section at JoAnn’s. They were .99 cents a piece, can’t beat that. Then I went to Home Depot and I bought two Glidden sample paint bottles. Priced at $2.97 each. Then I went to Aaron Brothers and bought two paint brushes. If I remember correctly they were each around $3.50. So, with a total of $14.92 spent, I got to work.

The results:

I have loads of paint left. The sample bottles may be small, but, for this kind of project you barely use any paint. The brushes are an investment in future projects as well. So, really, these frames probably cost less than $2.00 to make.

Not too bad, right?? For one of my first creative projects in a long while…


So, I went to get some diapers…

November 14, 2009

and $115.00 dollars later I walked out of Target.



I found some really cute Christmas decorations that would look fabulous in my house (I didn’t purchase them, but, wish I had!):


Cute right?? Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Etsy. Holiday. Baby. Virginia (the state).

November 10, 2009

I was perusing Etsy this afternoon and I clicked on one of my favorited sellers, Krispy Banana Kids. I really like these holiday inspired baby bibs:




So cute. I love the old-timey looking fabrics. I would have never thought about making baby things out of vintage looking fabric. What a great idea! I really, really need to break out the sewing machine. This month? Next month? Probably next month. I’m really looking forward to it. If only I remembered how to thread it? Oh, and use it. Help!

The first bib, the Thanksgiving themed one makes me think of when I was in Virginia two summers ago visiting family. While it was summertime, it was rainy one day and we went and visited Colonial Williamsburg. Everything about it made me think of Thanksgiving! My cousin and I went into some little shops and I made her take me up and down the street where people were dressed kind of like pilgrims. Ha! It was so fun, I loved it! It’s so beautiful there. I remember going into Williams Sonoma and buying some pumpkin dishtowels (maybe that is why when I think of Virginia I think of Thanksgiving?) and then she took me to this really cool little shop called Master Craftsmen.



I asked Chelsea to take me there because I fell in love with her very simple, but super cute earrings. I purchased the exact ones that she had (sorry, girl) and I have worn them almost every day for the past two years! They go with almost anything. Anyways, here was a fun splurge for me (actually, less than $30 dollars for two pairs of sterling silver earrings):


Have any of you been shopping recently for fun, festive, holiday decorations?

Winter Clothes.

November 6, 2009

Last post was a tad bit dreary, so, here is something more lighthearted.

Loving these little girl winter outfits:



Now, if only I could win the lottery…

What Have We Become As A Society?

November 6, 2009

There are two news stories that I have read this week that I find very bothersome. One I read just a couple days ago and the other one I have been reading about all week (new developments). Here are links to both of them:

Neighbors Smelt Bodies Decaying

Dead Man on Balcony Mistaken for Halloween Decoration

Take from the stories what you will, but, what have we become as a society when we either take forever or DON’T REPORT these suspicions to authority??? Have we really become so lazy and so self absorbed that we will not look twice at a dead man with a GUNSHOT WOUND IN HIS EYE? You’d also think that the smell of numerous decaying bodies that does not go away for YEARS would rouse some kind of neighbor uproar.

I find this so troubling! Your thoughts??

My Love Affair with The Grove.

October 26, 2009

the-grove-fountainLos Angeles Malls,3_The Grove468x26132

How beautiful is this place? I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love, love, LOVE The Grove. I am always trying to find reasons to go there. I feel so happy and peaceful when I’m there. I always want to take people there. I don’t see how you can’t fall in love with it once you go! Great shops, great food, great music, and on top of all that, it’s gorgeous at night! I love the way they light up the trees on the lawn that overlook the beautifully choreographed (to Frank Sinatra, no less) fountain. When Saoirse was a baby and was *just* starting to crawl (translation: I could still control her), I used to go to Mommy & Me Movies on Monday mornings with my friend Nikki and her son, True. It was SO great to have a place I could go and see a new movie at that would accept a crying baby with open arms.

On Saturday night, Eric, myself, and Saoirse went to The Grove. I got a new case for my laptop (to further prevent any more scratches):


So far I love it!!

A trip to the Grove wouldn’t be complete (at least not for me) without stopping in babyGap. It’s also very rare that I leave this store without a receipt in hand. As this was definitely the case for Eric and I that night. I picked out these two pieces for her:


Saoirse loves to dance so the shirt is very fitting! And I am kind of on a kick with her and skinny jeans… I think they look adorable!

Eric and I picked out a few other things for her since the weather is due to get chillier (right?), that he generously footed the bill for. We made her try them on in the store and naturally we had to snatch them up once we saw them on her:


Lastly we stopped into Nordstrom to buy her some Uggs for the winter season. I couldn’t believe how cute they were on her. She was prancing around in them all night:


We ate dinner at The Farm and sat at a table that overlooked the fountain. So pretty! I am already trying to find a reason to get back there this week… I have a feeling I will.

My Newest Hobby. Actually, My Only Hobby.

October 7, 2009

For some reason this picture makes the album look red, but, its actually a really nice orange. Perfect for Fall.

halloween book

I’m still thinking about potentially adding a sticker to this one that says “beach” or something similar on it, in addition to the water drops.

water drop book

The albums are a really nice brand– Kolo. I just recently found out about them from my friend June (thanks, June!), and immediately fell in love! These particular ones I picked are called Noci. They hold 24 4×6 photos inside (photo pockets, acid-free, of course!) and the outside is a really nice cloth cover. The album is tied shut with a ribbon– how cute is that?? I’ve had a couple people tell me that I should try and sell these. I can personalize the albums for a person or an event. What do you think?

Toluca Lake Pumpkin Patch

October 6, 2009

Last night Eric and I took Saoirse to the pumpkin patch by his apartment. I nagged him all day to get ready so we could go– seeing as he is supposed to be gone now for six weeks, I wanted her to be able to go with him. Anywho, it was a big success. She LOVED it! She patted and slapped every pumpkin that she walked up to. Uh oh… maybe she has a bit of my OCD? JK. There was a haunted house at the back of the patch that had scary laughs and screams coming from it. Whenever Saoirse would hear the scream she would mimic it– and the same went for the laugh. It cracked us up. This won’t be the only time she visits a pumpkin patch this month. I have a feeling we will be going several times! Here are some pics:

Picking out her very own pumpkin:


Carrying it like a big girl around the patch:


It’s starting to get a little heavy I think:


I think I’ll drop it right here:


Strutting through the pumpkins:


She has about the same amount of hair this year that she did during last years visit to the pumpkin patch!:



September 9, 2009

I love these…

media-1.nlmedia-2.nlmedia-3.nlmedia.nlHow cute are those? I’ve wanted to get Saoirse one for a while, but, they run about $40 dollars a piece. Maybe for Christmas!

Sam From True Blood.

September 2, 2009

Is one of my newer crushes. So cute!